Joan Burke

the creator of the isabella skincare collection

With over 20 years' experience in the health and beauty industry, Joan has cultivated a professional approach that combines expertise in nutrition and skincare with a deep-held trust in naturally-derived ingredients. During her career she has trained with leading beauty and nutrition experts; she is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and is qualified in many aspects of health and beauty.

With her own well-established beauty clinic in the heart of the Cotswolds and an excellent reputation for her understanding of how to truly treat the skin, Joan launched the Isabella Skincare Collection in 2016. The range, created using all-natural ingredients known for their active properties, is the culmination of Joan's knowledge. The Isabella Skincare Collection is inspired by her grandmother Isabella, who instilled a belief in Joan that nature provides all we need to be healthy and beautiful. 

 Joan's qualifications include:

  • International Health and Beauty Certificate (IHBC)
  • NHS Laser and IPL Core of Knowledge Medical Certification
  • Jane Iredale Pure Mineral Makeup Certificate
  • NHS Certificate of Competence in Phlebotomy from Maxis Healthcare
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification (FDN)
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Certification (AMT)
  • Advanced Cosmetics
  • Qualified aromatherapist