The Isabella Skincare Collection is inspired by one woman – Isabella, the grandmother of Joan Burke, the collection’s creator.

The natural bounty of the mountains and shores of Isabella’s native island of Jamaica was the motivation for her lifelong belief that the body heals itself using only what nature provides. Isabella remained faithful to her mantra ‘your food is your medicine’ all her life. Isabella's granddaughter, beauty and nutrition expert Joan Burke, has grown up with this belief and used it as the basis for a new range of organic skincare, the Isabella Skincare Collection.

Nature gives everything we need to feel as beautiful as we can be
— Joan Burke

This philosophy – that in order to have beautiful, healthy skin you need the right nutrition and skincare for your metabolic, nutritional and environmental needs – is infused throughout the nourishing, natural Isabella Skincare Collection, which uses only the finest essential oils and organic ingredients.

The collection is born of a belief that beauty is not skin deep and that every women is naturally beautiful. When each of us takes the time to look after our health, we can allow our natural beauty to shine through.  

The Isabella philosophy takes a top-to-toe, holistic approach to beauty, encouraging us to rely on nature's bounty to address our nutritional needs.