Not all facial scrubs are the same

Recently we’ve become aware of the potential damage that microbeads, the tiny plastic beads found in some facial scrubs, could be doing to the environment. It astonishes me how, at times, we abuse our body and skin without thinking about it. 

It is very important to exfoliate our skin. It’s a way of removing dead skin cells and getting rid of an overload of skincare products. Exfoliation allows the skin to breathe –  yes, our skin breathes – as it takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. The skin releases about 1% of carbon dioxide in an hour. Imagine what happens when you go for three minutes without air? (please don’t try this!) Given that we overload our skin with products that sits on the skin for hours sometimes even days , it’s so important to exfoliate the skin. 

There are natural gentle and environmentally friendly ways in which you can effectively exfoliate your skin:

  • Our Isabella Cleansing Oils are a blend of coconut oil and grapeseed. They are hydrophilic (they disperse in water) and essential oils. Coconut oil is known for its healing and protection (especially free-radicals) on our skin and in our diet. This oil can also be blended with our jojoba natural oil beads or exfoliating even the most sensitive skin.
  • In our clinic we use a natural sea-salt peel machine for our exfoliating facial treatments because it’s superior to any microdermabrasion system. Microdermabrasion uses aluminium oxide crystals and, sometimes, other abrasive substances to lift dead skin cells. Aluminium is known for its toxicity and why would you want to sandblast your skin? Always be kind to your skin: it’s a living organ and the only skin you’ve got.
    Sea-salt is natural and detoxifying ­– and importantly it dissolves in water. Our natural peel system is unique in that it works with the natural contours of the skin’s epidermal layers. 
  • Simple refined organic oatmeal or almond powder with added water can also be used as a facial scrub. Again it’s entirely natural and has no negative impact on the environment. 
  • Buttermilk powder is a great source of lactic acid, riboflavin and vitamin B12 due to its high lactic acid content. It acts as a natural exfoliator, helping the skin to breathe, appear younger and more refreshed.
  • Our clarifying toner is also a gentle and great way to exfoliate the skin. It contains Willow Bark Extract which concentrates on the outer layers of the skin, helping to rid it of fine lines, impurities and scarring as well as boosting the skin's cell renewal abilities. It has also been shown that Willow Bark Extract helps to combat the two strains of microbacteria that cause acne. Willow Bark Extract contains natural Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA). Beta Hydroxy Acids have been proven to promote smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal.

I hope you can see that it not a good idea to plaster your skin with too many products and – worst of all – the wrong kind of products. Try our suggestions for exfoliating and let us know what you think.


Joan Burke