How stress impacts our skin


In my previous blog post I explained how stress affects our emotional wellbeing and can also take a physical toll on our skin. If you haven’t read part one, you can find it here.

In times of stress we must take time to love ourselves and all others around us, watch funny movies, prioritise our nutrition, get lots of sleep, make love, roll on the floor with the children, tickle them, let them tickle you. Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated and cut down on alcohol; it kill cells and when your body is undergoing internal stress it really doesn’t need any extra help. Okay, maybe have one glass of wine with a well balanced meal that includes protein, fats and carbohydrates that are right for you. Not all proteins, fats and carbohydrates are equal. And don’t forget that all fruits, nuts, vegetables, salads, wine, bread, rice and pasta ALL contain carbohydrates. Even the much-lauded quinoa is a carbohydrate, in fact it contains more carbohydrates than protein. Aim to eat low starch carbohydrates such as courgettes, tomatoes, leeks, kale, broccoli and peppers during the day and their high-starch counterparts (carrots, beet, sweet potato, squash, parsnip, corn and yam) in the evenings. Remember your good fats: olive oil, butter, coconut oil. Did you know that your brain is 70% fat Yes! And it feeds on about 20% of what you eat .

How to make your diet stress-proof

Food is the fuel for the body and we must ensure that fuel is as sustaining and healthy as possible. Herbs, spices, even a small pinch of sea salt will all make your food taste great and have beneficial effects on your body. Basil, rosemary, sage , thyme are all great helpers in times of stress. Foods containing Omega 3 oils are essential – aim to get your protein fix in the form of fish, eggs or meat (nuts and quinoa do not have all the necessary amino acids, unlike meat and fish and aren’t sufficient).

Top nutritional tips for keeping cortisol at bay
- Cinnamon is great for controlling blood sugar
- Ginger is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, great for your circulation
- Turmeric is a great anti-oxidant
- Geranium aides the hormones
- Get plenty of fresh air and sunlight
- Have a routine for going to bed and getting up and stick to it!

My grandmother Isabella always says every disappointment happens for a good reason. And, as the saying goes every cloud had a silver lining. Had it not been for Brexit I would not have written this, so if it helps you take some useful information then it’s been worth it! Don’t forget that nature provides everything we need to thrive and be truly beautiful. All Isabella products contain botanicals and oils that have long been known for their nourishing, restorative qualities. Across the collection, organic plant extracts as well as aromas formulated using traditional perfumery techniques penetrate the skin and connect with the spirit to nourish on a physical and emotional level. Active ingredients protect, feed and balance not only your skin but also your wellbeing.

Joan Burke